Canada Atlantic Way-Bills

Actual paper from the Canada Atlantic is about as rare as hen’s teeth. I don’t collect it, but I do keep an eye on eBay lest some show up, and if nobody else looks like they are buying it, I’ll bid on it to ensure it doesn’t get thrown out. However, I don’t have a good storage solution for the stuff, and no interest in acquisition, so I’d rather someone else held it and shared the information with me really.

I’ve only once ever come across a waybill from the Canada Atlantic, and that was about four years ago. It seems appropriate to bring it up now, as I’m experimenting with car forwarding. Four years ago, we were lucky that eBay allowed full scale images on their site. Nowadays, they have a smaller image with a zoom, which makes it difficult to save the actual image; I’ve kept this image in my Flickr account ever since.

Canada Atlantic Waybill

Now, there are a couple of curiosities with these way-bills, apart from the hyphen. The first thing that leaps out at me is that the contents of the cars are not specified. They are unimportant, but it makes me wonder when they started being listed as later waybills include this information. Did the more standard format for waybills come into practice along with the car service rules in 1906? If that’s the case, then I’m going to be looking for more modern Canada Atlantic waybills for Pembroke.

The second thing that is interesting is that they are both for multiple cars, and are consigned to the agent at the destination; the bill is also following. I presume that means the bill of lading is following, and perhaps the agent will use the bill to direct the cars once it arrives. The waybill on the left governs foreign cars, and St Polycarpe was a junction with the CP; this makes me wonder if cars on the CA all had CA waybills for their travels over the line, as opposed to travelling under the CP waybill with routing instructions included.


2 thoughts on “Canada Atlantic Way-Bills

  1. Nice find – waybills for the “less popular” railways are rare. I have a ton of Intercolonial Railway waybills but not much from any other. I treasure my Nova Scotia Railway waybill.

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