More Playing with Brio

As I mentioned, I am using an enforced break from construction to think about car forwarding. My leaning has been toward something similar to what Tony Thompson has described with car pockets and realistic-looking waybills, and I have Mike White’s collection of Tony’s blog postings on my must-read pile. Probably, Tony is way ahead of me, and I am reinventing a wheel, only mine will … Continue reading More Playing with Brio

Car Forwarding Design – Givens and Druthers

I have a surprise trip this week, and so, there will be no physical work on the layout. To get my mind off the reason for the trip, I’ve been thinking about operations. Specifically, what mechanisms am I going to use to generate freight traffic on the layout? As mentioned before, on a small layout, I think it is important that the traffic reflect the … Continue reading Car Forwarding Design – Givens and Druthers

Staging Turntable Functionally Complete

While my wife was at the gym and the kids were playing nicely together (nobody visibly hurt or missing as far as I could tell) today, I pushed ahead with the other set of connections for the turntable. This was a cinch because of the existing indexing connection for one set of rails. I simply indexed to the one set, and soldered on the other … Continue reading Staging Turntable Functionally Complete

Turntable Indexing Started

Andrew came over on Wednesday and we made a start on indexing and feeding the staging yard turntable. This more or less followed the original plan from October. I varied the plan by using square brass rod and tube because it’s easier to solder things that don’t want to roll away from you. I also decided not to mount each pair of shore-side connections on … Continue reading Turntable Indexing Started