Staging Yard Operational

We got home from our impromptu trip last night, and tonight I finally hooked up the staging yard bus wires. I also installed the hex frog juicer, which is pure magic. The daily mixed was sitting on one of the tracks waiting to come in and turn around. So, I uncoupled the engine and ran […]


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More Playing with Brio

As I mentioned, I am using an enforced break from construction to think about car forwarding. My leaning has been toward something similar to what Tony Thompson has described with car pockets and realistic-looking waybills, and I have Mike White’s collection of Tony’s blog postings on my must-read pile. Probably, Tony is way ahead of […]

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Operating a Small Layout

A recent comment on the Model Railroad Hobbyist forum has got me thinking about operations. I think that operating a small layout is actually different than just a piece of a larger layout, as asserted in one of the responses. Now, first, I must confess that I’ve very little experience with operating small layouts. There […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

Thinking more about how we get past the “I can’t do it” stage of skills development (See a great conversation from last weekend by  Simon Dunkley, Trevor Marshall and Mike Cougill ), I realized today that one of the things I do is I try things out before I proceed. This evening, for example, I […]

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Turntable Indexing Started

Andrew came over on Wednesday and we made a start on indexing and feeding the staging yard turntable. This more or less followed the original plan from October. I varied the plan by using square brass rod and tube because it’s easier to solder things that don’t want to roll away from you. I also […]

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One Screw = Game Changer!

Last night I found a few minutes to tackle the other three tracks that connect with the turntable. When I did the first three tracks, I found that the turntable wanted to spin as I was soldering the track. This was annoying, to say the least! I postulated that perhaps jamming the table with a […]

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Three Down, Three to go

Three of the approach tracks to the staging turntable formed tonight’s subject. This proceeded more or less as planned, although the special gauge didn’t prove as useful as I’d hoped. Here I am, using it to solder down the far end of the turntable (e and f in the plan). I needn’t have bothered. It turns […]

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Progress on the Staging Turntable

Happy New Year! It’s been a busy holiday season for us, and so, nothing has happened on the layout in weeks. However, now I’m back in the swing again, and making progress. I soldered the “rails” half-way on the turntable tonight. As I mentioned previously, I am only fixing one end to start, and will […]

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