Wiring the Turntable

Being made out of copper clad, wiring the turntable wasn’t so much a matter of wires as it was of gaps in the copper.  I made the gaps with a scriber, rather than bothering with etching.  It took more time to figure out where the lines should go than to make the lines themselves.


Here is the top. The gaps are difficult to see, but the 1/16″ posts that feed power under the rails to the far side are clearly visible as four blobs of solder toward the middle.


This view of the underside shows the posts even more clearly. The two adjacent rectangles feed power from the near side of the turntable, where the power connection/alignment dowels will be, to the far rail. I could only find 6×9″ copper clad in 1/32″ thickness, and so, two pieces of scrap rail hold the turntable together.


Finally, I screwed on a 1/4″ stiffening piece of plywood to the underside. The copper clad is only 1/32″ and a little too floppy to even support my fly-weight engines adequately. The plywood stiffener has holes and slots to accommodate the bits that hang off the bottom of the turntable.

My drill press is currently in the garage, and it was raining heavily last night when I was running back and forth. It looks like I didn’t manage to dodge all the rain drops!


Note that I cut the stiffener from the middle of a larger piece of plywood. The resulting hole is going to come in handy when I go to fix the rails in place. I have a plan…

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