Bonus Tracks! and Turntable Progress too.

Thanks to Andrew, the bonus tracks got glued down this evening. These are two extra staging tracks that may never be required, but I have room, and so I figured we may as well put them in. Perhaps it will be useful to store a few cars there. Andrew glued down the tangent sections, and we’ll finalize the ends and curves once the turntable is fixed in place.


Speaking of the turntable, while Andrew was working on the bonus tracks, I was working on cutting up the top for the lazy susan. I managed to salvage the feet that came with the lazy susan to attach the 1/32″ copper clad top to the base. I was all ready to tap the holes and put screws in, when I realized first that I didn’t have any appropriate screws, and second that I could use the press-fit feet.

We’re still struggling with getting the turntable installed so it doesn’t bind at all as it rotates. It is not perfectly round, and so, we have to find the sweet spot so it works.


Thanks for your help, Andrew! I hope your shoulder gets better soon.

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