More Turntable Planning

Honest, I’m not procrastinating, really!  Sometimes I do that when I’m not sure I can pull something off, but that’s not the case this time.  I’m actually travelling, so it’s hard to make progress on the layout.  I did spend some time thinking about how to line up the two ends of the turntable precisely. Being Proto:87, this alignment is going to have to be … Continue reading More Turntable Planning

Bonus Tracks! and Turntable Progress too.

Thanks to Andrew, the bonus tracks got glued down this evening. These are two extra staging tracks that may never be required, but I have room, and so I figured we may as well put them in. Perhaps it will be useful to store a few cars there. Andrew glued down the tangent sections, and we’ll finalize the ends and curves once the turntable is … Continue reading Bonus Tracks! and Turntable Progress too.