More Turntable Planning

Honest, I’m not procrastinating, really!  Sometimes I do that when I’m not sure I can pull something off, but that’s not the case this time.  I’m actually travelling, so it’s hard to make progress on the layout.  I did spend some time thinking about how to line up the two ends of the turntable precisely. […]

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Wiring the Turntable

Being made out of copper clad, wiring the turntable wasn’t so much a matter of wires as it was of gaps in the copper.  I made the gaps with a scriber, rather than bothering with etching.  It took more time to figure out where the lines should go than to make the lines themselves. Here […]

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Turntable Progress

A little more judicious sanding with the sanding drum in the Dremel tool yielded a freely-turning turntable. Curiously, it turns freely about 30 times and then it seems to bind up again. I may have more sanding to do yet, but I decided to move on to the next step. While I still had the […]

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