Slave Driver

Andrew and I made great progress on the staging yard on Wednesday evening. This was at least partly due to me mixing up the times, and thinking the clock downstairs hadn’t been changed yet. So, we got an extra hour of time in before quitting for the evening. Andrew, you have permission to tease me about this for years to come. Thanks again for your help.


While Andrew concentrated on gluing down many parallel pieces of straight rail – a task to which he seems particularly well-suited – I worked on laying out and bending the rail for the approaches to the turntable. We left the last foot or so of the approach tracks loose until the turntable is finally in place so we can fine tune them.


The approach tracks terminate on a piece of PC board, which is rabbeted into the surface of the staging yard. I cut this board with the jigsaw, which went very well. There are actually two sets of tracks – the main yard, and what I am calling “bonus tracks.” The bonus tracks take advantage of the six inch wide shelf beside the closet. I don’t know what they will be used for, but as far as staging yards are concerned, I’m fairly sure that more track is better.

Someday in the future, I may be interested to remember that there are four screws buried under the PC boards at the edges of the turntable.



2 thoughts on “Slave Driver

  1. Looks like you corrected the slanted track I had glued down. Anyways, I can’t come over this week and the email is bouncing back to me. Just thought I’d let you know through this medium rather than phone past ten.


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