Hard stuff!

When Al Feguson stopped by the other night, he was treated to a view of the locomotive without its tender tank (and associated weight), and with the cab roof off and a piece of tungsten sticking out.

The extra weight really helps, but it’s not satisfying to have it sticking out like that.  So, I finally got around to cutting it up to fit in a cavity under the cab roof.  I had always planned weight up there, but left it off because it throws the engine out of balance.  However, even un-balanced, the engine runs better with more weight.

The tungsten comes from Pinecar, a division of Woodland Scenics.  I bought it on Amazon.com (not .ca because they were going to charge three times as much), and had a friend pick it up at the border for me.

This stuff is hard!  Cutting it with a cut off disk in my venerable Dremel tool took an incredibly long time.  It’s a good thing it comes with pre-drilled holes.


I also bought some of the round weights, as well as some of the putty. That’s about $40 in the US vs $120 on the .ca site for a little pile of metal that fits easily in the palm of my hand, if you’re keeping track. The putty is not as heavy as solid tungsten, but it’s heavier than air, and so, I squashed some into the holes that I don’t need.

I’m thinking of using more putty to make a crew, unless someone can suggest a good looking heavy crew.


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