Thanks for Stopping by, Al

Al Fergsuon, of Black Cat Publishing gave me a lift home on Sunday night after the train show (the team put on a super show again this year, thanks for organizing it).  Thanks again, Al!  On the way, he asked for a precis of my clinic, and to make a long story short, I invited him in to see the layout.

He was very complimentary, considering the engine and caboose wouldn’t run more than a foot without hitting the ties, and when they did make it to eighteen inches, they found a brand new short circuit!  Ugh!  Not the best advertisement for Proto:87, ever.

Al has the distinction of being the first non-helper visitor to my model of Pembroke.  Unfortunately, he predates the visitor book, and so, this will be the only record.  Sorry, no pictures.

We were both very tired after a full weekend of Trains, and so, it was only a short visit.  Even so, I was delighted to have someone whose own work I admire show interest in my project. Al, you’re welcome back anytime, and the next time I promise the train will stay on the track!


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