Sorted: Engine House Switch

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there are a number of things that need to be resolved before I’ll be anywhere near satisfied with operations on Pembroke. I find it rewarding to share progress, and every little bit of motivation helps when you’ve got a job you’d rather not do. So, I’ll apologize for subjecting you all to the minutiae. I’ll use a title that starts with “Sorted” so you know to skip them if you’re not interested; I’ll tag them with “Sorted” too, should you ever want to find them again (though it’s hard to imagine why!).

The first one was the engine house switch. After a long battle, I managed to get this working perfectly out in the garage. Unfortunately, now that it’s almost completely inaccessible, the engine house switch wasn’t throwing all the way.


This turned out to be a compound problem: two problems in one. For some reason, there is more resistance than before on this mechanism. I may be paying the price for all brass construction: perhaps some parts should have been aluminum or steel. I solved that by replacing the throw wire with a sturdier section.

The second problem was that the tube that drives the Bullfrog was bending, and so, the Bullfrog wasn’t even throwing all the way reliably. Of course, this mostly didn’t happen when you were looking at it, but only when I watched the switch throw from above.


The solution was to add a 3/32″ tube collar for the Bullfrog-driving tube. This seems to work, but I’m going to leave the flag up for a while before moving it to my captured flags pile.


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