Staging Yard Installation

Tonight, Andrew and I installed the staging yard. That is, we screwed down the plywood onto the window sill, and almost go to the point of fixing the track in place. It’s coming along nicely, and already looks more like a window sill than a staging yard.


The most excitement was when we decided to flip all the track over so we could put Pliobond on the bottom. This would have been substantially less exciting if we had done it before screwing down the 8′ section of staging yard, as then we could have used this to flip the track. Unfortunately, we were not so clever, but we did have four hands, and that enabled us to flip the six turnouts without appearing to twist anything too badly.


We decided to call it a night after struggling to get the rail joiners onto the ends of the existing rails. The next step would have been to warm up the Pliobond and fix all the rails down, but that’s best done when we’re wide awake.

To handle the problem with the too-high turntable, Andrew cut a cork shim for the last five feet of the yard. True, that means it’s not exactly level, but any train that can get out of the station should have no problem with it. With that extra 2 mm of depth, the lazy suzan base comes out almost perfectly aligned with the top of the plywood.


3 thoughts on “Staging Yard Installation

    1. Hi Simon,
      Pliobond is made by Ashland Corp, who say on their website ( that they have a UK office. I don’t see adhesives on the list specifically, but you might try calling their Performance Materials rep:
      Phone: +34 932 065 120
      Also, they encourage you to order online.
      Oh , then I just looked at amazon ( That might be easier.

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