Staging turntable progress

Today, I shaped the hole in the staging yard that will take the turntable. This turned out to be harder than expected as I had somehow managed to cut it undersized with the jig saw. It wasn’t undersized enough to widen it with the jigsaw, and so, I had to sand it out to shape. Fortunately, I still have the sanding block that I used for the coved corners of the backdrop, and this seemed to do the trick.


The lazy susan base I’m using is out of round by about a quarter or a half a millimetre. So, there is a slight gap all the way around. I’m not too concerned about this at this point.

What concerns me more is that the base is not actually flush with the top of the 1/2″ plywood staging yard. So, my plans to mate up with 1/32″ PC board and .020″ flat bar rails need to be revised.


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