Recessed Ties

Yesterday, I finally mustered up the courage to pry the staging yard trackage up from the piece of plywood that will cover the window sill and form its home. Far from the mangled mess I feared, the track actually came off without much fuss, and even slid temporarily onto the windowsill so I could work on the plywood.

To meet my goal of a clean staging yard on the windowsill, I want the track to be near zero height. To accomplish this, there will be no ties, but rather, the rails will be laid directly on the plywood. All the interesting bits are laid on PC board, and this needs to be recessed into the plywood.

Sounds like a job for my router! This Freud 1/2″ router is one of my favourite tools, and has power to spare for the little jobs I’ve given it so far. Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt that I have only new, sharp bits. Well anyway, what fun!


As you can see, there is still a fair amount of plywood left. I had traced all the PC boards before lifting the track, and so it was easy to make appropriate recesses. I also laid out the wiring runs, which will be on the top surface, but also recessed, and probably ultimately buried. Before quitting for the evening, I took the board back to the track, and tried it out. I was glad I did as I found I had missed one of the PC boards, and another wiring trench was required.

For speed, I free-handed everything. I figure once I’m happy with the operation of the yard, I will fill all the gaps and repaint. For now, I’ll get some white paint on this board before laying the track permanently.

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