Thoughts on the Staging Turntable

A turntable at the end of the staging yard will enable me to simulate the action of the Y at Golden Lake.  The mixed train will break apart there, replacing outbound with inbound cars, and the engine will turn, before coming “back up the branch.”  We will have to fiddle or switch the daily passenger to Ottawa so the cars are in the right order, and the engine will also need to be turned.

Again, keeping with the staging yard theme of zero-height, this turntable needs to fit in 1/2″ of baseboard height.  I got an aluminum lazy suzan base from Lee Valley Tools, which is overly robust and quite precise.  It is within a shim of being 1/2″ thick.  So, then I have to figure out how to fix the rails to it.


The key realization was that they don’t actually need to be rails, but could be a wide, thin strip on a piece of 1/32″ PC board.

Now all that remains is to figure out how to feed power to the rails.  I think here I’m looking for a manual solution that also aligns the tracks.  I may have to relax the 0 height rule to accomplish it, however.  Any thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Staging Turntable

  1. Dear Rene,

    Sleeved brass tube and rod is your solution. Advise an email address and can provide pics of the “Toorong” train-turntable deployment.

    Happy Modelling,
    Aim to Improve,
    Prof Klyzlr

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