Pembroke:87.1 – A Stretch Too Far

The deadline for accepting the invitation to RAMMA next year is coming up at the end of October. So, I spent the weekend researching the travel, and thinking about all the other commitments we have in the year ahead. Finally, I decided that 2015 is not the year for us to travel to Europe.

I may still build a Pembroke-based display layout. I like the idea of being able to take something to showcase Proto:87 at shows, and I also think it would be cool to reuse the buildings and stock from the home layout. What’s more, building a version of Pembroke set in winter would enable me to run Ron Keith’s GTR plow. I may build it, but not in the next year.

Thanks to all who commented and offered ideas and suggestions for this micro-layout.

Now, back to the staging yard!


2 thoughts on “Pembroke:87.1 – A Stretch Too Far

  1. That’s a shame Rene, but I think you have probably made the right decision. Any chance of a visit without the layout?


    1. Thanks Geraint,
      The big issue was that as soon as the family found out I was thinking about going, they declared that they would like to come too. Suddenly, it was a much larger initiative, with all sorts of planning considerations. We do need to visit friends in the UK at some point, and France while the kids are still in french immersion school. So, yes, there is a likelihood of a probability of coming over, but most likely not during school time next fall.
      It would be great to see you when we do,

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