Track Planning in the Large

After we’d finished with the check rails for the staging yard last night, Andrew and I got out some paper and tried fitting templates around for the portable version. Bottom line: we think a 2×4 foot module is viable for the plan that I have in mind.


So, now, I’m wondering if Prof Klyzlr was using a different scale when he mocked the plan up in XTrkCAD. While it looked at first like the 50′ turntable would be difficult to get past, a very slight bend to either the mainline or the turntable lead yields plenty of space. There is also more than enough room for a third track, served from the turntable.

Bottom line: there are still some budgetary considerations before deciding to go for it, but I think it is technically feasible. If I decide to go for it, we’re going to take October to see if we can get trains running. The deadline for getting back to RAMMA is the end of October, and if trains are running by that time, we’ll go! It’s already a month packed with birthdays, Thanksgiving and community association commitments, so this will be a stretch of the micro-layout ethos for sure, but one has to dream.


2 thoughts on “Track Planning in the Large

  1. Dear Rene,

    Just rechecked the XTrkCAD drawing, and I see immediately where the issue lies, the turntable is 7″ diameter, not 7″ radius…?!?!?!?!!!!! šŸ˜‰
    (The clue should have been that the module depth shown is 20″,
    the turntable at 7″ should be somewhat less than 1/2 the depth of the module,
    not 3/4th+ of the total module depth as shown…!!!)

    I still think that the linear track capacities of the “half-a-pass”, and the dropleaves are appropriate,
    and that 7″ dia turntable will end up being a bit larger once the turntable pit wall, and surrounding structure is factored in. However, with the correct turntable dimension in-play, the entire track array can likely be moved somewhat “downstage” towards the open edge of the module, leaving room-enough between the rearmost track and the backdrop for some scenery and structures…

    Again, my apologies, shoulda spotted that right off the bat…

    Happy Modelling,
    Aim to Improve,
    Prof Klyzlr

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