I’d Like to Call a Friend

Work on the staging yard stalled for a couple of weeks.  I got all the points installed almost two weeks ago, and then crickets.  Well, it wasn’t actually stalled so much as waiting.  In this case, I was waiting because I wanted Andrew to come and install all the guard rails.


Of course, I could have done this myself, but Andrew has been wondering if he should get a resistance soldering unit, and I thought he might enjoy an opportunity to use mine for an evening and see if he likes it.

People who don’t know about the hobby often think it is a solitary pursuit, but like most things, it is better if shared.  One of the minor benefits of working with a friend on your (or their) layout is you can try out new tools or techniques before you commit to them yourself.

Thanks, Andrew, for your help last night.  And thanks for grudgingly letting me post your picture.


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