Thoughts on Shipping

The RAMMA thought experiment continues.  If I were to construct a micro-layout for the show in Sedan next fall, how would I get it there safely?  The Rexroth option, while interesting, sounds awfully expensive to me.  Also, I would still need something on the sides to protect the layout.


Then, looking at some other foamcore-based layouts, I thought it might be best if the layout sat atop a structure, rather than trying to make the legs engage with it somehow.  That’s when I thought of making the box break in two pieces, and form a zig-zag pattern to support the layout.

This approach looked promising enough to investigate with a little more rigour in Sketchup. It appears that about 4’2″ is the most we can manage for module length given this approach and a 4″ baseboard depth. However, the layout doesn’t overhang the support structure too much, and so, it should be stable enough.


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