Shapeways Turnout Control

Well, I finally gave up on Mitch’s FDM printer and went back to Shapeways. I tried a couple of different designs on the FDM printer, but they all came off the bed. Mitch has loads of success printing quad-copter parts, but they are substantially less complicated than what I am trying to produce. After the encounter with the Zombie Apocalypse yesterday, Canada Post made a … Continue reading Shapeways Turnout Control

Thoughts on Shipping

The RAMMA thought experiment continues.  If I were to construct a micro-layout for the show in Sedan next fall, how would I get it there safely?  The Rexroth option, while interesting, sounds awfully expensive to me.  Also, I would still need something on the sides to protect the layout. Then, looking at some other foamcore-based layouts, I thought it might be best if the layout … Continue reading Thoughts on Shipping