Staging Yard Ties

I’ve been spending most of my recent train time trying to get the turnout controls to print. The good news is that it looks like they’re going to be sufficiently robust. The bad news is the original design had a lot of overhang, and would come off the 3D printer bed at the least provocation. A couple more iterations should do it.

However, all that virtual work is not very satisfying. So, it was a nice break to have Andrew over last night to work on the staging yard. Together, we got all the PC board cut and temporarily glued down.


There will be no ties in the staging yard. The plan is, once the turnouts are running, we will trace these PC boards, pop the track off (it is glued down with PVA and should come up easily) and route out recesses for the boards. Then we will glue the track in place.

We also managed to mostly prepare the springs and throw bars. These will be inserted after the stock rails and closure rails are all soldered down.



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