Cat TV

My friend, colleague and fellow creator, Mitch, bought a LulzBot 3D printer last week. I believe I’ve agreed to buy a share of it, and now might be the time.


Being as he’s pretty clever, it didn’t take him long to set up a server in his condo in North Vancouver, running OctoPrint and a web cam (and who knows what else?). So, as a test, tonight I cleaned up the model for my turnout control, sliced it and uploaded it to his server. It’s printing as I write, and should be ready in about an hour.

It’s 2 AM; I hope he’s up.

4 thoughts on “Cat TV

  1. There are just so many things to like about this post. I’ll have to learn more about this particular printer and what it offers. I’ve been thinking about the Formslab printer myself.

    I like the server and camera idea. I’ll confess I’d be watching this on my TV. I just think it’s so neat, but then again, that’s me.

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