North switch closure rails

The first step in forming the closure rails is to bend the wing rails at their ends, leaving them over-length. I then bend the closure length so the rail wants to lie very close to its final position. Here the diverging rail has been bent and is awaiting trimming.


Once I am satisfied with the shapes, I position the closure rails so their wings provide the appropriate flangeways, while the throat of the frog is just exactly in gauge. Once I’m happy with them, I mark and cut their length, form the flare at the end of the wings, and solder a rail joiner to the point ends. Finally, I tin the parts that will be soldered, apply glue on the rest, and paint the sides.


To fix them in place, I start at the frog and work my way toward the points. Measure every which way is the order of the day for getting the throat of the frog right. I solder one tie, and then test with a truck to make sure it’s going to work before getting the whole rail fixed in place.


Before starting on the points, I had to glue the stock rails to their rail braces with CA. The curved one wanted to bow inward slightly, and so, I pinned it while the CA cured.



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