North Switch Tie Colouring

Before getting on to colouring ties, I had to correct the throw rod hole. Unfortunately, when Andrew was here on Wednesday, we aligned the hole for the throw rod with the original centreline. Now that the centreline has moved, I needed to move the hole over as well.

This was a simple matter of whittling a little piece of wood until it fit, gluing it in, and then sanding. Then I extended the hole on the other end.


Once the glue dried, I marked the ties with pencil (always use pencil to mark ties as ink will remain when you don’t want it to), and sanded them ever so lightly until the pencil marks were starting to lighten. This ensures that the ties are all the same height.

The first step in colouring the ties was to paint the 3D printed switch ties with Testors Sand Beige. I did this outside so as not to stink up the house.


Next, all ties, except the PC board ones were stained with India ink thinned with alcohol. The flat enamel paint actually assists the plastic ties in accepting some of this colour. I also colour the switch rods at the same time; they will ultimately be painted black, but they stand out too much in white.


Finally, I dry brushed on some raw umber lightened with white to a very light warm grey. On the other track, I spent quite a bit more time on this, but found it mostly disappeared under the ballast anyway. So, I wasn’t quite so thorough this time.



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