One More Turnout to go

Andrew came over last night, with the intention of starting to test the parts that we’ve already done. However, I got to thinking that the only thing stopping us from connecting the two sections was the corner desk top, and I can as easily slide that in the side as drop it in the top. So, we decided to see how far we could get with connecting the two sections together.


Pretty far, it turns out. After the gang left two weekends ago, we had a little gap between the two sections of roadbed, and Andrew made a nice tidy little piece to fit in there and fill it in. Then he cut some cork, and we glued it down, enjoying some Gruffalo crumble while the glue set.

Meanwhile, I crawled around beneath the layout and finished screwing the south section to the walls. It feels solid enough to dance upon now.

Finally I made up some tie strips, re-did the centre lines and dropped the tie strips on the roadbed. Hmmm. Something is not lining up right. Well, let that be a lesson to you: don’t make the last piece of track that needs to be inserted between two sections of the layout a curved turnout. I think there is a little bit of relaying of ties in my near future. However, the great thing about building it yourself is that you can always build it again!


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