Base Cabinets Stained

This week, I made the face frames for the base cabinets, and I just finished staining them. I must say, despite Andrew’s warnings that it would not go well, I am impressed with the results. Here they are drying, or setting or whatever stain does:

Base cabinets

The stain is Old Masters Red Mahogany gel stain. I applied it mostly with a rag, but worked into corners with a brush. For the most part, it went on without a fuss. I have a wide mixture of woods in these cabinets. The bulk of the plywood is poplar, but there are a few boards of reclaimed something-or-other (likely spruce). For the face frames, I splurged for maple; it wasn’t that much more than poplar, but the sticks I could get were a lot clearer and a lot straighter. The only problems I had were on the reclaimed wood; you get what you pay for, I guess.

I still need to create and finish up the backs. I had been planning to use some of that masonite that I used for the backdrop. There will be doors on the upper sections anyway, and so, it will be difficult to see the backs. However, now that the rest of these cabinets look so good, I’m reconsidering. Anyone have any strong preference?

In either case, the next person who comes to the house is going to have to help me carry them downstairs. We’re getting close to installation day!

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