Well Now it Just Looks Like a Crappy Paint Job

Can you believe that I was so cocky as to claim that I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to painting a gradient on the sky? Yeah, me neither.

Tonight I painted the second coat. It only really needed it because there were some thin areas up near the corners, and because there were a few very non-sky-like patterns. However, even with all my new skills and powers, the gradient is not as smooth as I would like. Here is how it looks now:

At least I have only minimal streaks now, and no tyre tracks, but the gradient from dark blue to light blue is too abrupt for my liking over in the corners.

Well, I’m kind of done with this for now. I think I will press forward with the clouds and see how that turns out. Maybe the clouds will hide the transitions a little. In fact, the transition zone kind of looks a little like clouds in the distance, or maybe a second level of clouds.

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