Field Trip to Pembroke

Yesterday, I made the trip from Ottawa up to Pembroke to capture some measurements I didn’t get the last time I was there. The whole family (including my sister and her daughters) came for a trip to the Bonnechere Caves, which was a pretty cool cave system, guided by a theatrical and informative local boy, called Liam. Then, we stopped off at East Side Marios, on the site of the Pembroke yard, for dinner. While the others were waiting for dessert, my sister and I went out to measure the gradients of Pembroke Street, as well as the gross dimensions of the post office (city hall) and Griffith Bros (Anthonys) buildings.

It was raining, and with others waiting on us, we couldn’t take too long. I had a four foot level to help with the gradients, and two tape measures, one a hundred feet long and the other 25 feet. I think the last time I was in Pembroke, I was too chicken to actually measure anything. This time, I am older and more sensible. So there I was, in the rain, kneeling on the sidewalk with the level and a tape measure. A cook came out of Anthony’s while we were measuring it, but they didn’t even question us, and all the people going into the council meeting at City Hall, simply stepped over our tape measure. It must be a regular occurence.

I have posted some fresh detail photos of the post office on Flickr.

Here one of Anthony’s. It has changed significantly over the years, but the bones are the same.

Further up Pembroke Street, there are some buildings that will appear on the backdrop.

I also walked along McKay to get digital photos of the surviving houses. My other records of these buildings are on film, but the trees were smaller. Again, these only appear on the backdrop.

Finally, on the way out of town, we stopped at the old wye, south of the Muskrat, to collect some dirt. There we found the old loading ramp, where, according to Del Rosamond, tanks used to load on their way out of CFB Petawawa. This will not be represented on the layout at all.

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