“Aaack!” I cried as the rope suddenly slipped and the layout lurched.

After an evening of working on switch targets, Andrew and I were hoisting the north section of Pembroke back to the ceiling so it would be out of the way. I had been thinking that it was likely one of the last times I would have to do this, perhaps even the last. Then with a bang, one of the hooks pulled out of the ceiling and the layout started to come down.

Fortunately the layout is still relatively light: I can lift it easily — though awkwardly — myself. Doubly fortunately, Andrew had just moved to push up from beneath the layout, and so, he caught it before any damage was done.

Most fortunate of all, nobody was hurt!

Mostly out of curiosity, I looked around for the hook for a minute while we thought about what to do. It was nowhere to be seen, but turned up later that evening when Andrew removed his shirt!

I needed the garage space for working on the cabinets that go beneath the layout. So, we moved the section into the layout room. It will be a bit of nuisance there as I’ll have to move it a few times while I install the cabinets, but at least it is unlikely to fall again.


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