A Problem with the Switch Rod System

Andrew came over on Wednesday to help install the Bullfrogs on the North Section. This is something that goes best with two people: one to move the turnout control around, and the other to say what is happening above. So, I was grateful for his help. We got four of five done, but on the fifth, this happened:

The second headblock broke, leaving the switch rod assembly free to escape . The headblock ties, as with the rest of the switch ties are 3D printed, and the second one is particularly thin – a little less than a millimetre. So, now I have a job to do to figure out how to repair it.

Andrew says it’s good it happened now so I can figure out what to do if this ever happens again. Way to make lemonade out of a lemon, Andrew! Sure it’s easier to fix when the layout is in the garage, and I can get all around. But still, I didn’t need to have this little set back. Time is ticking, and is have set myself a deadline to get the layout installed.


3 thoughts on “A Problem with the Switch Rod System

  1. Geez, that’s got to be a little frustrating. I know I would have thought and maybe even said a few approrpriate words.

    Despite this setback, I still think your idea to print these track parts is brilliant.

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