Photographing Canada Atlantic #10

I’m working on an e-book for Model Railroad Hobbyist about my construction of Canada Atlantic #10. The original photos I shot back when the model was finished were done under lights, and models always look much better outside. Since this was a beautiful weekend, I dusted off the old purple module and took the kids in search of a good place to shoot.

Fifteen dollars worth of ice cream and frozen yogurt later, we came upon the Braemar steps, which are actually quite close to our home. This is where people like me, whose view is hemmed in by trees, go to watch the fireworks, and I should have thought of it before attempting anything lower.

Unfortunately, even up in the nose bleed section, it’s hard to get a clean horizon, and this shot of the fireman’s side is marred by the mansions on Cypress Mountain. Well, I’m pleased with the quality of the light and the sharpness of the shadows. I can’t wait to see this little engine delivering cars to the warehouses of Pembroke.


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