Refined Bullfrogs

It might not have been apparent, but that first Bullfrog posting showed pictures of a proof of concept installation. Now that I am installing them on the actual layout, here is an update on some of the refinements I’ve made.

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I’ve been on the lookout for an inexpensive stereo for the train room for some time now. Today was the lucky day! On the way home from an appointment, I stopped in at a garage sale and found a stereo. I figured they would be increasingly flexible on price as they came closer to closing, and so, the Boy and I set out with some cash just before 1 PM. We came back a short while later with the stereo, a new appreciation for the distances in our neighbourhood, slightly longer arms, and deep satisfaction at having fulfilled our needs with minimal environmental impact.

New stereo
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Raking Through the Lego

One of life’s bittersweet experiences is watching your child grow up. On the one hand, it’s wonderful to see them grow into increasingly independent and self-sustaining people. On the other, they no longer want to be with you as much, being increasingly independent and self-sustaining. So, when the boy invited me to play Lego with him last weekend, I jumped at the chance. Usually, I … Continue reading Raking Through the Lego