Smoothing out the Backdrop

This morning, before leaving for work, I sanded the second layer of drywall mud on the backdrop. It’s looking pretty good now, but I’m sure glad I hired someone to do the drywall on the rest of the basement (Amazon Contracting were excellent by the way; if you need drywall in Vancouver, look them up or contact me for their details). I can’t believe my brother in law actually likes doing this!

Anyway, the mud was applied over some latex caulk on the joints. This was my friend Scott’s recommendation, and as I never noticed any cracks in his backdrop over the course of 20 years, I took his advice.

I’m figuring I’ll get a layer of primer on it this weekend and see how it looks. There’s also a closet door to install (leaning against the wall to the left), so I’ll be doing well to get the backdrop primed.


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