First strip of lights goes up (temporarily)

Andrew came over last night, and we installed the first strip of LED lights to try it out over the whole layout. As I mentioned previously, one strip is definitely not enough. Also we both agree that the mixture of warm white and cool white is more pleasant than just the cool white (shown below).

The first strip of lights is installed on a trim board cut at a 45 degree angle. This also holds in the bottom of the cabinet face frame. So, we started by installing these.

We cut the 5m LED strip into five sections and soldered short jumper wires between each section. Soldering the jumpers on took four hands as both the wire and the LED strip want to move around as soon as the soldering iron gets close. I might have to figure out a fixture to help with this for the subsequent strips as I don’t know if Andrew will want to sit on the floor, risking his skin to my steady hand with the soldering iron for another evening.

Once the first strip was held in place by a few pieces of electrical tape, we played around with the second strip and determined that it should also go on the trim board. Fortunately there is space. Using the second strip significantly improves the quality and amount of light, but unfortunately no picture yet.

We also experimented with stapling the LED strip down. My stapler actually spans the strip (just), and it is possible to staple it, but you have to be careful to avoid hammering any of the components. Fortunately, if you do, you only lose one 3-LED segment, rather than the whole strip.

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