Top Cabinet Carcasses Installed

Last night I finished installing the angled top cabinets in the corner. These were originally going to be just a single large cabinet, but it turned out to be more efficient in terms of material to make two cabinets. For some reason, which I shall have to investigate, the smaller of the cabinets is a little too small, leaving a gap that is even larger than planned. However, I’m eager to get back to railroading, and so, they’re staying.

Next up, I’ll start working on face frames and doors.

As can be seen, we’ve already started filling them up with light, bulky items. The left-most cabinet is going to contain the DCC system, the power supplies for the lights, as well as a speaker for the room sound system. The right-most cabinet will take another speaker. The middle three will be mostly camping equipment, I think. All this new storage: maybe having a layout in the house isn’t such a bad idea after all!

One thought on “Top Cabinet Carcasses Installed

  1. It turns out, when I did the drawing, I knew the distance between the end of the second cabinet and the wall was an inch longer than expected. I hadn’t thought it would make as much of a difference as it did, but between that and a 1/2 inch I left between the wall and the last cabinet, it meant that the last cabinet slips in much further than planned.
    Now, I’m working out how to make it all work with the face frames.

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