For much of December, when I wasn’t over-eating, I was working on the cabinets that will go around Pembroke. They’re a long way from finished. Indeed, there will be six cabinets, and only two carcases are assembled so far. However, progress is happening and accelerating; hopefully I will get the first two cabinets installed tonight or tomorrow.

Here in the meantime, is the design. For scale, the dude is about 5’8″.

The new modelling desk goes on the far left, while in the corner, I will put the computer. There is one big drawer in the center section for each member of the family. The two shallow drawers in the center section will be given 100 lb slides so they can double as desks for doing homework on, or for bigger modelling stations. The pillar on the right will take the printers and supplies beneath.

From the top of the roadbed to the bottom of the face frame on the upper cabinets is 18 inches. Any work deep inside the layout, like laying track, will have to be done from a step stool. This is an unfortunate side effect of the height, which in turn was dictated by my desire to get the maximum use out of the volume I had.

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