North Section Wired

By gum, but it’s cold out there! The garage where Pembroke is under construction is not heated, except by a tiny little plug-in fan heater; it’s got about the same thermal capacity as my wife’s hair dryer, which is to say, it doesn’t make much of a dent in the -8 Celsius that we are enjoying (that gives me an idea. I wonder if she’d mind?).

Well, I soldiered on all the same and installed the buses and soldered all the feeders to them. I wish I owned some finger gloves! I was astonished by how big a difference the room temperature made to soldering. I had to wait quite a while for enough heat to transfer from the iron to the wires. I lingered over each joint to make sure it was good and hot before removing the iron.

No pictures because, frankly, they’d be boring.

In other news, I have the design for the cabinets pretty much completed. I had to give Scott’s table saw back, and so, I’ve not started on construction yet. More to come.

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