Finished Points on South Section

Just in case you begin to believe that energy on Pembroke has been diverted to Brio-Pembroke, I did actually finish installing the points on the south section of Proto:87-Pembroke last week. Each of the points needed only a little bit of judicious filing before it would sit perfectly against its stock rail and the test truck ran through the right way repeatedly. Once I started, it went quite quickly, and I was done all four sets in about 90 minutes.

Points in on South Section

It went too quickly, in fact. When I came back to test run all the points after the glue had dried, I found that three worked perfectly, but one did not. I puzzled over it for twenty minutes, throwing it back and forth, pushing it over hard. Finally, I pulled the light right over so I could see what I was doing, and discovered that I’d installed the points backwards! A chuckling (you can only laugh at yourself when you do something so stupid), a little CA-remover, and prying and off they came. I cleaned it all up, installed them the right way around, and then that turnout began to work flawlessly too.

I then cut all the gaps before I tidied everything up, and leaned the south section against the wall.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re into birthday season in my family. This means it gets a little harder to find time to work on the layout. However, it’s not the hours that make a difference, it’s the minutes. So, Saturday night, when I was in danger of not accomplishing anything at all, I spent fifteen minutes pulling a few ties off the north section and smoothing the resulting rough spots on the cork. These will be replaced with PC board ties.

Not zero

The result was that I kept momentum, and didn’t have to wait for the filler to dry on Sunday morning: it was non-zero progress. Since then, I’ve installed all the PC board ties on the north section, and tonight I hope to get the north section to the point where the ties are stained. Wednesday, the posse is descending upon me, and we want to start laying rail on this section.

3 thoughts on “Finished Points on South Section

  1. Hi Rene,

    Watching with interest your progress on Pembroke II. Not sure whether I have missed it in a previous post, but what are you making your tiebars from as shown in the photo in the latest post? I am still trying to work out how to do my tiebars, keeping in mind both construction for reliability and scale appearance. Cheers.

    1. Hi Ian,
      They deserve a separate blog post. Now that I’m confident they’re going to work, I’ll compose one. In a word, they are 3D printed, and all one piece.

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