Progress at end of September

End of September progress

It’s September 32nd, by my reckoning. So how am I doing against the Big Hairy Audacious Goal? One month in, and I think I’m about a week behind schedule. For those of you who are no better at math than I am at reading a calendar, that’s 25% behind schedule. At this rate, I’ll have trains running in February or March, and I’ll be ready for VanRail 2015 some time late in 2016.

Just to recap, I was planning to have the rail laid and ready to go on the south section by now. As you can see, it’s about 2/3 done, maybe slightly better. I have been adding feeders as I go, and the rail is all painted, except at switches and frogs (and the closure rails in the foreground).

One more week should do it, and then I can start on the slightly simpler north section. I wish I could say I expect to make up time on that section, but it’s birthday season in our household, and that usually cuts into the train time.

Andrew working on turnout #2

On the other hand, Andrew, who is working on some closure rails in the photo above, said he could come back and help again next week. So, maybe I will be only one week late.


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