The Engine House Lead

The Proto:87 Posse rode to my place last night in the form of a visit from Andrew. As I mentioned, I’m eager to get back to the layout now that I know what I’m doing with track construction. So, we cleared off the door that is still awaiting installation in the laundry room, and plunked the south module down.

Engineer House Lead

While I routed out some ditches, which went better than should be hoped since most of the ties are in place, Andrew sanded down the ramp to the engine house. Then we set about laying ties into the engine house.

In the picture, Andrew is demonstrating the proper way to hold your tongue while adjusting some of the ties for the siding turnout. Because switches are frogs are both straight, we wound up combining both the frog from the engine house lead and the switch for the siding into one 30′ tangent. This required a few changes to ties around the siding switch. Fortunately, the curve is quite broad, and so, there shouldn’t be too much impact.

We’re getting the PC board ties in permanently, but the 3D printed switches are just there temporarily until after the wooden ties have been sanded. Sanding the wooden ties with the 3D printed switch ties in place tends to be bad for the molded rail braces.

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