Engine House Grounds

One of the challenges with building Pembroke in a house that is still under renovation is that some of my research material is buried. While the basement has been largely finished since before Christmas — don’t ask me about baseboards and that closet door — there are still shelves and various cabinets to construct. So, […]


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The Tie Jig

This week, the posse consisted of just Jim and myself; Julian being stuck down a hole somewhere, and Andrew being off chasing the ghost of the Northern Pacific. Between this and a previous session with Andrew, we have most of the ties laid. The trick to placing ties quickly and accurately is a tie jig, […]

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Turnout Ties

This week, after a short hiatus to visit my family, I’m doing more figuring on how a Canada Atlantic turnout must have looked. “What, can’t we just pull some standard drawings from the AREA and use those?” I hear you asking. Well, no, we can’t and for that reason, we also can’t use the excellent […]

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