Finishing the Roadbed on the North Section

Tonight was a Posse night for Pembroke. We managed to finish the roadbed on the north section of the layout before running out of glue. Nearing the end of heavy construction, it was hard to contain my excitement. So I got out a couple of test cars and posed them on some flex track.

Corking the North Section

Compare this photo with the prototype from a similar angle. Okay, you have to squint and use your imagination a little, but I think it’s going to turn out okay.


The 3/32″ cork came from Michaels, the craft store. Andrew and I tried gluing it down with carpenter’s glue, but we weren’t convinced it would stay down while the glue set. In the end, we decided to use 3m Photo Mount. This appears to have done the trick for now.

Corking the North Section


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