Another Layout Blog

Well, here it is: another blog about someone constructing a layout(1). Why should you care?  Maybe you are a friend, or perhaps you are my mother.  However, if I am lucky, you are not yet a friend or relation, and you might care because we share a common interest.  Here are some things that will be unique about this layout, and which you might be interested in:

  • It will be in Proto:87.  There are not many layouts in North America built in Proto:87.  Indeed, promoting Proto:87 is one of the principle reasons for sharing to a wider audience through this blog.
  • It is a model of a real place.  I have a lot of respect for freelancers, and proto-freelancers (which surely must be those first freelancers), but I find I just can’t do it.  It’s not that I lack imagination:  I’ve tried several times to build a model without a photograph to base it upon, and written about it in Railroad Model Craftsman, but I just can’t do it!  It’s not for me, and if you’re a prototype modeller, you know what I mean.
  • It is set in 1905.  Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with modern eras, except that the trains are bigger and less frequent and less interesting and generally less amenable for modelling.  The golden age of railroading, before cars came along and wrecked everything is surely the best age; it was all down hill after the First World War.
  • It is a model of the Canada Atlantic Railway (well Pembroke Southern, actually, but that was operated by the CAR).  Okay, the likelihood that we are both modelling the Canada Atlantic I believe is zero, but well, you could be interested in it.  Loads of people are.

So, welcome to yet another blog.  I hope that you will find it entertaining and perhaps informative.  And if you’re my mom, I hope it makes you proud.

(1) Actually, this is the third (!) place where I am blogging about this layout.  I started it out on Model Railroad Hobbyist (, and posted once on, and now I’m here.  My approach is going to keep the MRH blog alive, and copy content to here.  The Proto:87 one will touch on aspects related to Proto:87 only.


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