Completing the Long Section

Originally published on Model Railroad Hobbyist, April 4

Julian and Andrew came over again last night, and we had a most productive evening. We had a good job list, and so, there were very few times when one of us was standing around with our hands in our pockets. Poor Julian only managed to have one beer, which must mean he was busy!

Julian and Andrew use a laser to straighten the long section

At the end of the last session, we had the open frames for two halves of the long section completed. Both halves were eight feet long, giving an overall length of 12′. They overlap by four feet, so some of the cross-members were only joined at one end. Think of a big E that is going to mate with a backwards L and you get the idea. The question was, how would we get these two halves joined to that they were reasonably straight? If I learned anything from Pembroke I, it was to never trust a floor to be flat when setting up modules. So, I couldn’t just lay them flat on the garage floor, even if I did believe it was pretty good. In the end, we used a laser level to just kiss the top edge of the two sections, and shimmed to bring it all in line. Not trusting technology, I then got my eyeball down there (after turning off the laser!) and sighted along the line as well. The photo above shows Julian marking a line with the laser, while Andrew casts a spell to make everything stay still. Once we were satisfied, we glued and screwed it all together, and then added the roadbed and the river. The photo below shows the finished section. The roadbed will get another layer of 1/2″ plywood, but that will have to wait until next time. We also completed the open frame for the 2’x6′ section that turns the corner into staging, and you can see that way off in the distance.

Pembroke II bench work coming along


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