Surprising failure in wheel experiment

Something has been bothering me. I spent a lot of effort to get the hole in the drivers concentric with the tyre, but then who knows what happens when the axle passes through that hole? Indeed, I’m fairly certain the axles are neither concentric nor perpendicular to the tyre. So, as I have to make two more drivers anyway, I thought I would see if … Continue reading Surprising failure in wheel experiment


We are just returning from a trip to England and France. As I was the chief planner and driver, it is perhaps surprising that there weren’t more railway visits along the road. Sadly, every such suggestion is met with universal eye rolling resistance. I did, however manage to “stumble upon” le Chemin de fer de la Baie de Somme at Le Crotoy, despite an actual … Continue reading Frinspiration

A Photo for the Railway Modellers’ Meet

This is the first time in a while that we’ve had a photo display at the Railway Modellers’ Meet. Consequently, the organizing committee decided to task ourselves with ensuring there is something to see; we each need to bring something. This is not a problem for someone like Marc Simpson, who not only knows how to fill Facebook with news about the meet, but also … Continue reading A Photo for the Railway Modellers’ Meet