AR will kill the knob

In 2016, I suggested that it’s time to stop running our trains as if they were a slot cars. Real locomotives have throttles and brakes, not huge speed knobs. As if in answer, Iowa Scaled Engineering developed the Protothrottle for diesels, and a thread over on Model Railroad Hobbyist suggests that we may see something similar for steam before long. That thread at MRH starts … Continue reading AR will kill the knob

A summer well-spent

It has been quite a summer. Between three weeks in England and France subjecting the kids to an intense dose of European history and culture, a long weekend in New Brunswick attending family functions, and a week recovering at a cabin on the Sunshine Coast, there hasn’t been much time for railway pursuits. What little free time there has been, I have spent on organizing … Continue reading A summer well-spent

Surprising failure in wheel experiment

Something has been bothering me. I spent a lot of effort to get the hole in the drivers concentric with the tyre, but then who knows what happens when the axle passes through that hole? Indeed, I’m fairly certain the axles are neither concentric nor perpendicular to the tyre. So, as I have to make two more drivers anyway, I thought I would see if … Continue reading Surprising failure in wheel experiment