The story of Canada Atlantic flat cars

I have been thainking that I need a side project while completing the heavy shop.  Most nights, I’m not able to make progress on the woodworking as it’s too late to run the table saw.  Casting about for a little diversion, I thought about making some flat cars. The first step is to get the information organized, and so I pulled some old pages over … Continue reading The story of Canada Atlantic flat cars

A Peculiar layout?

The kids and I have been reading a wonderful pair of books by Stefan Bachmann. The Peculiar and The Whatnot are set in a version of Victorian England on the cusp of war with faeries from an alternate world.  It’s an evocative steam punk vision of technology diverted from steam-power to magical-power.  A grimy, gritty world of “mechanicalchemy” and strange inventions.  It is also a … Continue reading A Peculiar layout?