Rear end details for 622

It may look like #622 is all but finished, but I just put together a to-do list with 28 items on it before the engine is ready for paint. Many of those items need to be fabricated, which means each will take at least an evening. Here are the first three from the list.

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Happy Father’s Day to Me!

For years I told people I would rather use Shapeways than get my own 3D printer. The technology was changing too rapidly, and I didn’t want the resin in my home. However, the newer resin printers are producing such excellent results, and the cost of shipping from Shapeways is getting so userous, that I finally […]

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Sketches for Pembroke 1.0

I was looking through some sketchbooks for a kid’s school work earlier this week, and found some sketches I made back when I was still working on the first incarnation of Pembroke. I don’t recall making them, but I know it was during the Pembroke 1.0 era because there’s a track plan for that layout […]

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Mud drum for 622

Somehow my fixation on mud drums feels a little deviant. Like “foot fetish” or “nasophilia,” “mud drum” is the sort of thing you Google for only after double-checking that your Safe Search filter is on. That the one group I wrote to when researching mud drums during the design phase never wrote back only cements […]

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Display shots for 622

I finally decided to shoot the photos for the Railway Modellers’ Meet virtual display room this week. I’ll be presenting it during the Meet the Modeller evening this Thursday. If you haven’t already, you should register and submit a model to join in. We’ve never taken this approach before, but I’m hoping it will be […]

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More chassis details for 622

The weather this weekend was definitely conducive to model railroading. This was fortunate because the Virtual Display Room at the Railway Modellers’ Meet is already starting to fill up. I’m planning to get 622 assembled for some photos so I can present her next Thursday. The major engineering and electrical work is hopefully complete, and […]

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Handrails for 622

All I can say is at least it is straight across the front. Most North American steamers that I’m familiar with keep their handrails chastely separate on either side of the boiler. If there was a handrail across the front of the smoke box, it was another piece, disjoint from the side rails. Sadly, 622 […]

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Start of chassis details for 622

The hardest part about scratchbuilding is that there are no instructions. Usually that simply means I’m on my own to solve every problem – territory so familiar, I don’t know I could actually follow someone else’s planned sequence of steps. This time, the piece of instructions I am missing is the map of the etch […]

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